Oasis Restaurant


All entrees served with salad and rice or fries


Oasis Dish $12.95

Tender chunks of Beef or Chicken cooked in tomato sauce with eggplant, chickpeas, celery, green peppers, onions & spices


Chicken Kabob $12.95                                  

Two skewers of marinated chunks of chicken breast grilled and served with garlic sauce


Tenderloin Meat Kabob $14.95

Two skewers, your choice of Lamb or beef Tenderloin marinated in special seasoning and grilled to perfection


Kafta Kabob $13.95                                  

Three skewers of ground meat mixed with onions,

parsley and seasoning and then grilled to perfection


Chicken Shawarma $12.95

Chicken marinated in seasoning slowly cooked on

vertical skewer & served with garlic sauce


Beef Shawarma $13.95                             

Meat marinated in seasoning slowly cooked on

vertical skewer & served with Tahini sauce


Shawarma Mix $13.95

Half- &-half Chicken and beef Shawarma

served with Garlic and Tahini sauce


Boneless Chicken $14.95

Marinated grilled chicken

served with garlic sauce


Gallaba Chicken or Meat $13.95

Tender chunks of chicken or     

Beef mixed with vegetables                        


Oasis Platter (2 persons) $25.95

One Kafta skewer, One beef Kabob skewer,

One Chicken Kabob skewer, Chicken & beef

Shawarma, 2 falafels, 2 kibbies, 2 grape leaves,

Hummus & a choice of Rice or fries


Lamb Chops $16.95

4 pieces of marinated lamb chops

charbroiled to perfection                             


Mixed Grill $15.95                                 

Beef Kabob, Kafta Kabob and Chicken Kabob

served with Hummus





Served w/Salad or Soup


Moujadara $10.95

Lentils and rice, cooked in olive oil, topped with sauted onions and served with salad or yogurt sauce


Moussaka $10.95

Chunks of eggplant cooked in tomato sauce with chickpeas,

celery, green peppers, onions and special spices served with rice


Vegetarian Tomato Kibbi $9.95

Cracked wheat, tomatoes, onions & spices


Stuffed Vegetarian grape leaves (6 pcs) $10.95

Grape leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, parsley and onions

Served with a side of Rice


Green beans $10.95

Beans with tomatoes, onions & garlic, cooked in olive oil


Vegetarian Lover $11.95

five of our vegetarian specialties: Grape leaves, falafel,

Hummus, Moujadara & Moussaka. Served with a Salad.





All entrees served with salad or daily soup and rice or fries


Grilled Salmon $16.95

8 OZ. Of Salmon filet marinated in special spices

served with rice & salad


Shrimp Gallaba $15.95

sauteed shrimp mixed with tomatoes,

onions and green peppers




Grilled Vegetables $2.75

Pickles & Olives    $2.75

Feta Cheese       $1.99

Tahini Sauce      $0.75

Rice                  $2.99

French Fries      $2.99

Garlic Sauce (sm) $0.75 (Lg) $3.75



KID'S MENU  ($4.99)

Kafta Burger w/Frech Fries

Chicken Strips w/Frech Fries

Small Shawarma (chicken or Beef) w/Frech Fries



Baklava / Nammoura $1.99



Oasis Restaurant


BUFFET Mon-Sat 11:00 am-3:00 pm


837 Chevy Chase Place  

Lexington, KY 40502


Tel: (859) 269-6440





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